The Louis and Hilda Hellbusch Family

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Our father, Louis Hellbusch was born January 8, 1902.

Our mother, Hilda Helene Hellbusch was born May 31, 1906.

They were married June 4, 1930 and had 4 children. We have devoted a page that will tell you about their wedding. The first born, Louis Donley Hellbusch. Everyone called him Donley for many years and today the family calls him "Don". Loren Dale Hellbusch and Elaine Janet Hellbusch and David Reed Hellbusch are the other children. All have their separate pages, please visit.

They moved west of Lyons, Nebraska March, 1948 where they bought a farm. Visit this page for photos and information.

A few of the memories and history of each of the children are recorded. A few pictures will tell some of the story. Other pictures and any other information will be welcomed and could be added by emailing either Elaine, or Don, or Loren, or David,

Don has created the family tree and has spent many hours in his investigation and recording of this family tree. Many people have received letters or correspondence from him during this search of the family roots. We all appreciate the replies received and the time others have spent to obtain this information. Now with all of us on the Internet, the research goes on.

The family
From left to right, standing in the back: Don, David and Loren. Front row: Elaine, Louis (Dad) and Hilda (Mom). This photo was taken at Mom and Dad's house at 999 South Saulsbury Street, Lakewood, Colorado in the mid 1970's. We were all gathered together for one of the many family get togethers.

If you have any information that may be helpful or any tid bits of history, email us.
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