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Don Helllbusch received the following information which was compiled by Ernst Runge of Germany. It was signed by Ernst Runge and dated December 14, 1966. This is quoted in its entirety, including zip code numbers. It had been tranlated from German, therefore there may be some mistakes in the translation. In addition, the actual origin of the Hellbusch name by Dierk Feye is also available. Dierk's information will be the most accurate of all because he is a historian for the Grossenkneten Germany area.

Origin of the Name Hellbusch:

In the event someone searching for the origin of the name Hellbusch before the year 1659 is unsuccessful, I would like to present the most concievable origin of Hellbusch name beginning with "De Helle". Located near the village of Grossenknethen, are the two villages named Helle. In the south (fni) 4559 Helle over Bersenbruck on the Hase River, in the north is 2901 Helle over Oldenburg. Farther south still is also 5759 Helle Frondenberg on the Ruhr River. Accidently, I also found a person with the name Nicolaus de Helle-about 1308-citizen of Greifswald. In the book the Greifswalder family names of the 13th and 14th century, 1250-1400 by Dr. Hugo Muske 1929 Greifswald. The book pertains mostly to the Runge family, especially the mother, Elisabeth Eleonore, born Bornfeld on February 27, 1686 Hohenzahden near Gartz on the Oder River.

All these facts inspired my thinking perhaps a man with the name "de Helle" felt the desire to settle and farm by the Busches near Grossenknethen. This would agree with the report of mister Dietrich Hellbusch on June 21, 1966 in which he claimed that his ancestor, Gerhard Hellbusch, was the first Hellbusch farmer. The Church-Register, which was started in the year 1683 under the title-Nomina Mortnorum-also states Gerhard Hellbusch transfered his family name to the Busch. It is possible that this family, in the beginning was only called "de Helle" amd by connecting Helle and Busch, the name of the family and the Busch, became Hellbusch.


We received the following information January, 1999 from Karl Hellbusch, now living in Germany.

Origin of the Name Hellbusch

I (Karl Hellbusch) grew up in the small village of Grossenkneten near Oldenburg. This village might have had 500 families or so, nine of which had the name Hellbusch, and only two were related, my grandfather Carl and his brother Johann. Both run shops in that village. The concentration of the Hellbusch name in that village is extraordinary, particularly taking into account that this name is fairly rare in Germany. The reason for this is most likely that only a small distance away from Grossenkneten is a cluttering of 10 to 15 houses and the location is in fact also called Hellbusch. It got its name from the proximity to a boggy area with lots of alders the leaves of which shine very brightly under moonlight. Also these trees do not grow very high they could be taken for big bushes - hence "Hell" for the brightness and "Busch" for the English word sounding similar, i. e. bush.

I do not know whether or not we are related given the many possibilities in the Oldenburg area. My grandfather Carl was born on January 31, 1865.

With best regards

Karl Hellbusch

Please note: Karl is interested in any references to his grandfather, etc.

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