The Hellbusch Roots are in the northern part of Germany
around Oldenburg.
The Grossenkneten Village and the Hellbusch Village area are shown on a larger map. Please click to view maps. (Please allow time for download as it is a large file.)

The small and pleasant village of Wiefelstede is embedded in the idyllic parkland of the county of the Ammerland. In its center, visible from the distance, is St John's Church, the oldest church in the Ammerland, built in the typical brick rommanesque style of the area.

More than one hundred signposted cycling tracks lead through the community, through unspoiled nature, along old farmhouses and well-kept gardens. The rhododendron park of Griestede with its brilliance of flowers is a feast for the eyes of its visitors during the months of May and June. Numerous sport and leisure facilities serving active health care such as heated swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts are available to all guests.

Believe it or not there are unique regions, country-sides with magnetic attraction, and one of the most charming is the Ammerland, the area northwest of the city of Oldenburg, capital of the Grand Ducy of Oldenburg and a short drive or train ride from Bremen and the North Sea. The people, the fauna and flora radiate a contagious tranquility. You will discover age-old oaks defiantly resisting the strongest winds, cattails growing in abundance on the shores of Lake Zwischenahn, rhododendron parks with their sea of blossoms blooming in nearly all the colors of the rainbow, silver birches shining among ferns and mosses in the moors and wetlands of the Ammerland and here and there a knotty willow to rest the back of a weary visitor. From fertile fields your eyes wander to the next little wood. Life at its fullest is always near at hand: black and white Holstein-Frisian cattle and the world-famous Oldenburg horses graze in the pastures; herons, robins, mallards and seagulls sail through the air and frogs raise their voices amid the rushes of the marshland. Farmsteads, dots of color against the green of Ammerland, invite you to share the quiet idyll of this land of pleasant living. The Ammerland is nostalgia beneath thatched roofs, a friendly chat by a flickering fireside, the unforgettable ritual of eating succulent smoked eel beneath the massive beams of a centuries-old tavern. If you take your time, you will discover a tranquil paradise at once placid and fascinating where the hospitable people of the Ammerland live in harmony with nature.
All those who want to gain firsthand knowledge about the culture of the Ammerland ought to listen attentively, for the Ammerland has some interesting stories to tell and, what is more, they are not fairy tales, myths or sagas. They are true stories of rural life in the time of our ancestors. You may listen to the stories of half-timbered cottages, some of which are more than three hundred years old, in the open-air museum of historical buildings right in the center of the Ammerland. You will be impressed by the old farmhouse, the Dutch windmill or the historical granary. Here you will find typical farm equipment dating from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century: a flail, a butter churn, a spark-arrester, wooden troughs and massive oaken flooring. Here stands the old smithy where even today busy hammering can occasionally be heard. The "Buur" (farmer) will delight you with his tall takes in Low German, the house-and-garden language of the Ammerland and the rest of rural northern Germany. You will experience traditional dances performed in authentic costumes of the period by members of the numerous historical societies in the Ammerland. You will be enthralled by the massive stone churches which in the Middle Ages were at once places of worship and fortresses against marauding Vikings, Frisians and the neighboring Lower Saxon tribes. Today these churches with their intricately carved wooden altars and pulpits are an integral, harmonious part of the Ammerland countryside.
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