Recent and Current Information
about the children of Louis and Hilda Hellbusch
Selling Real Estate Elaine Janet Hellbusch Ashby

Elaine lives in Denver, Colorado and works full time selling real estate. She works for Century 21 Professionals in Lakewood, Colorado. In addition to selling and listing real estate, she is a Manager for the company, helping the agents with questions and support.

Part of her family consists of her dog "Max", a huge Rottwieller dog that is rather spoiled. Max has a very pleasant and happy personality and is loved by the whole family, as you can see by the picture to the right with Elaine's grandaughter, Kimberly Howard, Kimmy is using Max for her pillow

Max and Kimmy
Loren Dale Hellbusch

Loren and his wife Ann live in Topeka, Kansas. A trip on their bright red shiny new motorcyle was taken in 1998. They raised seven children in their very busy household.

Louis Donley Hellbusch

Don and his wife Marie live in Portland, Oregon. They own a farm called Oak Hills in addition to their home in Portland. Don spends time building, fencing, mowing, etc. in addition to gathering apples and all the fruit, taking it home for Marie to freeze or can. They raised three girls and have four grandchildren. Retirement for them has brought traveling in their life even more than before retirement.


Besides Don and Marie Hellbusch, there are 8 or 10 Hellbuschs living in Oregon. Most are decended from a brother of our great grand dad. The brother of our great grand dad had come to the U S in 1869. That is about 15 years before our grand dad and his brothers. After Louis and Hilda Hellbusch celebrated their 50th anniversary, they visited Don and Marie in Portland. While there, they went to Salem to see Arthur Hellbusch. He would have been a second cousin of Dad (Louis Hellbusch). Dad did not know him. One of great grand dad's brothers had at least 16 kids. Some were born in Germany and some were born in the U S. A third brother also came over from Germany. A fourth brother stayed in Germany.

David Reed Hellbusch

David and his wife Lorraine live in upper state New York. David has been doing commercial building contracting up and down the Eastern seaboard.. He is also building his personal residence near the town of Dansville, New York.

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