Elaine Janet Hellbusch Ashby

Little Elaine Hellbusch

Genealogy of Elaine - Descendants
Elaine Janet Hellbusch
+ Keith Galt Frazier b: May 01, 1933 in Silver City, IA
m: March 06, 1955 in Omaha, NE
d: February 01, 1962 in Broomfield, CO
Patti Lee Frazier
+ Michael Barcroft
m: February 11, 1983
Terri Lee Frazier
+ Daniel James Jacobs
m: May 21, 1982
Sherylin Rae Jacobs
Christina Marie Jacobs
Terri Lee Frazier-2nd Marriage
+ Peter Martin Howard
m: February 18, 1989
Kimberly Ann Howard
Nicholas Ryan Howard
Elaine Janet Hellbusch 2 nd marriage
+ Dennis Robert Ashby b: May 29, 1941 in Long Beach, CA
m: April 22, 1966 in Las Vegas, NV
d: May 22, 1994 in Denver, CO



Having 2 older brothers, Elaine grew up as a "tom boy" and enjoyed many of the things her older brothers enjoyed. Family photos record many outdoor activities such as sledding, playing in the dirt, and playing with wagons.

Grandpa (George) Hellbusch lived just across the road from Louis and Hilda's home on the old "Ellsworth Place". One very vivid memory stands out even to this day. It happened at a very early age, exact age not known, but probably at the age of 4 or 5. It was a warm day and Elaine wandered alone to see Grandma and Grandpa. She was greeted by Grandpa. He asked her, "Does your mother know where you are?" The answer he received was "No, I had not told her." He got very stern and scolded Elaine for coming over and told her that she should never ever do that again and that she had to go home immediately or she would be a lot of trouble. It probably was a good lesson.


Elaine has two daughers and four grandchildren.
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Daughter of Louis and Hilda Hellbusch

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