More Relatives

Our family visited Germany in May and June, 2000 and were treated wonderful by our distant relatives. We are blessed to have these familes as relatives.

Left to right: Hinrich, Rita, Friederika, Margarete and Wolfgang Hellbusch
The Carl Hellbusch Store in Grossenkneten - Owned by Wolfgang Hellbusch
From the left: Heinz and Johanna Hellbusch, Anka (Ingo's wife), Johanna (Ingo's daughter) and Ingo (Heinz's son) from Wiefelstede, Germany
Albin and Elisabeth Hellbusch from near Wiefelstede, Germany
Hubert and Margaretha Hellbusch at their home place at the village of Hellbusch, just outside the town of Grossenkneten, Germany.
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