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Information Received From Other Hellbusch Families

We received information January, 1999, from Karl Andrew Hellbusch, living in Australia. His parents moved to Australia in 1957 from Germany. His father, Karl Heinrich (Heinz) Hellbusch was born in Sandhatten, Germany in 1927 and lived in Kirchhatten, Germany before moving to Australia. His dad often worked around the village of Hellbusch (Germany) as a chimney sweep and remembers that a number of businesses were run by members of the Hellbusch clan. He refers to the area as "Hellbusch country"

Karl Heinrich (Heinz) Hellbusch

Karl Heinrich (Heinz) Hellbusch
b. 1927 in Sandhatten, German
Lived in Kirchhatten, Germany before moving to Australia
Photo taken while in his 20's

The following was received from Karl, May, 2000

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June 5, 1999 we received information from Norbert Hellbusch. He lives in Polch, Germany, near Koblenz. His Grandfather was Friederich Hellbusch b. 1878 ? d. 1968 Groskneten and his Grandma was Helene Hellbusch/Lange b. 1891 d. 1971. Included below is a photo of Norbert.

Norbert Hellbusch



My father was the only Argentinian in the family. I also knew that my granfather was Uruguayan and my great-granfather was German.
There are 300 kilometers from where I live to where my father was born. Due to my over-work I have never had enough time to make an investigation of my origins, besides when my father died I was a little child so I never had the possibility of knowing my ancestors history.
Now, that I have more time and with my job better paid , I could investigate many things. the first one was to find out the exact date in which my grandfather got married in Argentina. I asked for his marriage certificate and so I noticed that he had been born in Uruguay.
Several months ago . I went to Uruguay to look for some information about my own history, having as proof birth and death certificates.
Talking with some great-granchildren of the German people who came to Uruguay, according to their story, there came four people from the Hellbusch family to America but just three of them arrived because the fourth one was lost. Some people told me that they arrived to Uruguay in 1858 but according to the documents, the date was not the right one. Probably the arrival was between 1862 and 1870 because an uncle-great-grandfather was born in 1862 in Germany and there is another one who was born in 1870 in Uruguay.
Soon I will be going back to Uruguay to obtain more documents. On this ocassion I will go further morth because there they live the Hellbusch family from Germany. I kept on with my investigation and there I got to know that they were born in Oldenburg Bremen Germany, they were Gerardo Enrique Hellbusch and Ana Catalina Bock's sons, according to your web page www Hellbusch. com .You have Gerardo Enrique Hellbusch and Ana Catalina Bock in the sixth generation of the family tree.
It is also said that they came in a ship and they lasted nine months to arrive to Uruguay.I think that the fourth Hellbusch got tired or he probably made friend ship with some other traveller and they got off from the ship before the arrival.
The ships with the immigrants people left Europe to go to North America and then they came to Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay. With all this information I began to find out the Hellbusch surname by internet. Firstly in Brazil, then Ecuador and Mexico but I could not find anything. Finally I tried in the United States and there it was when I discovered your web page.
Now you tell me Enrique Juan Hellbusch who came to the United States in 1869 and who was born in 1824. Who was his father.
Has he got any kind of relation ship with you. Was he your great-great-grandfather.
One of the Hellbusch who came to Uruguay was my great-great-grandfather who was born in 1842 and there is another one, German, who was born in 1835 the three of them were married and came to Uruguay with their sons, my great-grandfather was also German and married to a German woman.
At first I told you I was learning the German language because I am thinking of travelling to Germany in May or June the next year to visit my ancestors' land and to go to Grossenkneten and the Hellbusch Village as well.
when I have more information I will let you know. Kisses for you and your family.

Guillermo Raul Hellbusch

The following information was received from Guillermo Raul Hellbusch:

Gerhard Heinrich Hellbusch de Ahlhorn. married contra Anna Catherina Bock
They were in Germany
Their children:  (They emigrated to America of South.Republic of Uruguay AÑO 1868.)
Gerhard Heinrich Hellbusch(1834-1920) Hermann(1835-1923)


Gerhard Heinrich Hellbusch,(1834-1920) married in Germany contra Catherina Margaret Ahlers. (1835-1920)
Their children
Heinrich Hermann(1859- ) Germany. Friedrich (  - ) Germany. Elaine ( - ) Germany. Johann Behrend ( - ) Uruguay.

Heinrich Hermann (1859- ) married in Uruguay contra Sophia Muller (1857-1902)Germany.
Their children Uruguayos:
Lois (1881-1952) Hinrich ( - ) Behrend Friedrich ( - ) Sophia( - )
Augusta ( - ) Loisa ( - ) Hermann ( - ) Irma ( - )

Lois(1881-1952) married 10-11-1906 in Argentine contra Benita Farias (1888-1918) Argentine
Their children Argentines, 1nd marriage:
Guillermo Federico. Luis. Hermann. Gerardo.


2nd marriage:
Irinalda. Sophia.

Guillermo Federico Hellbusch (1917-1968) married en Argentine contra Nidia Margarita Chairo . Argentine (1925-1983)
Their children Argentines:
Nestor. Alberto Osmar. Nelida Margarita. Alicia Alcira. Marta Adela.

Guillermo Raul. Carlos Federico. Norma Graciela. Nidia Maria.

Alcides Osvaldo. Luis. Daniel.

Guillermo Raul Hellbusch (birth 18-3-1954) married en Argentine contra
Maria Laura Bubello. Argentine. (birth 27-9-1953)



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