Heinrich Hellbusch
Heinrich Hellbusch born 21 DEC 1829 Haast, Germany died 27 JUN 1914 Belgrade, Nebraska
Gesche Margarete Schulze born 25 APR 1833 Lehe, Germany died 1 FEB 1890 Columbus Nebraska
Married 31 OCT 1854 Wiefelstede, Germany
Heinrich (b. 1829) and Meta had nine children. They were Hinrich F. b. November 6, 1855 d. February 18, 1940, Johann Friedrich Hellbusch b. December 26, 1857 (stayed in Germany), Johann Eilert b. September 18, 1859, d.November 17, 1897, Anna Margarethe b. December 9, 1861 d. at 3 months, Wilhelm Gerhard b. August 17, 1864 d. February 19, 1948, Friedrich August b. December 6, 1866 d. April 8, 1890, Carl Diedrich b. February 18, 1869 d. October 14, 1954, George Fredrich b. December 31, 1871 d. December 23, 1958, Marie Alvina b. February 10, 1876 d. May 7, 1890.

Heinrich (b. 1829) settled in Platte County, Nebraska. His wife, Meta, his daughter, Marie, and his son, Friedrich August died of typhoid fever in 1890.

In 1886, George Fredrich Hellbusch, b 31 DEC 1871 in Wiefelstede, Oldenburg Germany (Son of Heinrich, b 21 DEC 1829 came to America. There is a story that he traveled with his cousin, Eilert. However, the passenger lists do not verify that information. According to the census of 1900 George was listed as arriving in 1885, however, the 1920 census shows the year as 1886. We do know that George Fredrich Hellbusch came before his father immigrated to America which was in 1887. It is believed that George came because of Johann Heinrich's urging.

George Fredrich Hellbusch's father, Heinrich (date and place of birth as above) Hellbusch arrived in Baltimore on May 23, 1887. The passenger list shows he traveled with his wife, Meta (Margarethe) listed as age 55, daughter Marie Alvina age 11, son Heinrich, age 31 and wife Catharina age 24 with two of their children, Johann age 4, Heinrich age 9 months (b. July 14, 1886).

Heinrich, Henry, John, Cecil
Four Generations
Approximately 1913
Counterclockwise from lower right corner:
Heinrich Hellbusch, Henry Hellbusch, John Hellbusch, Cecil Hellbusch

The only surviving members of Heinrich's (b.1829) family in America as of the year 1900 were Heinrich, himself, and four sons and their families. His son's names were Americanized and became known as Henry (Hinrich F.), William (Wilhelm Gerhard), C.D. (Carl Diedrich), and George (George Fredrich). Three of these remaining sons, Henry, C.D. and George, settled in Timber Creek, Nance County, Nebraska.

The history of William is not complete at this time. William married Alvina Caroline Lueschen on December 23, 1889 in Platte County. They were the parents of 10 children and 18 grandchildren. They moved to St. Edward for a short time. In the early 1900's the Indian Territory of Oklahoma opened up for the drawing of land. William, his wife, and their six children went to Oklahoma to get land. William's history has not been verified and is incomplete.

The son of Heinrich that remained in Germany is listed in the genealogy records, along with his descendants.

George Fredrich's history between his arrival (1886) and his first marriage in 1898 is very vague and not much is known of that time frame.

George Fredrich married Minnie Franzen (born July 12, 1878, Ostfriesland, Germany) on February 22, 1898. They were married in Platte County, Nebraska, north of Columbus, Nebraska. They had a son born and died March 8, 1899. Minnie died on July 19, 1899 in Platte County, Nebraska.

George Fredrich then married Anna Marie Oldigs (born July 31, 1875 in Littel, Germany) April 20, 1900 in Platte County, Nebraska. They resided in Sherman Township according to the 1900 census. (East of Grand Prairie Township). Their first born was Louis Herman Hellbusch (born January 8, 1902). During the year 1902, George Fredrich and Anna Marie moved to Timber Creek Township, Nance County, Nebraska. (Near Belgrade, Nebraska).

George and Anna's farm was called the "Red Wing Farm". At one time it was the Red Wing Post Office. According to the survey maps of 1920, the Red Wing Farm was 240 acres. George and Anna lived on this farm until they retired and moved into Belgrade, Nebraska. They were the parents of eleven children: Louis Herman, Erna Marie, Otto Herman, Herman Henry, Marie Christine, Ernest Rudolph, Helmuth George, Hermine Helena, George Fredrick, Edwin Gustave, and Leona Margaretha.

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