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Individual Record for: Wilhelm Gerhard Hellbusch (male)

    Johann Hellbusch+
  Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record
Wilhelm Gerhard Hellbusch      Family Record Catharina Maria Asche+
  Gesche Margarete Schulze       

Spouse Children
Alvina Caroline Lueschen
  (Family Record)
Herman Fred Hellbusch
Bertha Mary Hellbusch
Alma Amanda Hellbusch
Alvina Hellbusch
Elisie Eunice Hellbusch
William John Hellbusch
August Henry Hellbusch
Oscar Julius Hellbusch
Ellen Lucy Hellbusch
Theodore Hellbusch

Event Date Details
Birth 17 AUG 1864 Place: Lehe, Germany
Death 8 FEB 1948 Place: Loveland, Oklahoma
Christening 11 SEP 1864 Place: Wie
Burial 11 FEB 1948 Place: Rosemont Cemetery

Attribute Details
Religion LU
Don - Hand Written
Page: 7E5     Quality: Primary
From Joan Smith (Oklahoma)
Wilhelm and Alvina Hellbusch
According to Joan Smith's record, Wilhelm came from Germany as a stowaway on ship at the age of sixteen to escape conscription to army

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