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Individual Record for: Heinrich Hellbusch (male)

    Johann Hellbusch+
  Johann Hellbusch      Family Record
Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record Gesche Margarete Schutte
Johann Hermann Asche
  Catharina Maria Asche      Family Record
    Anne Catharine Witthold+

Spouse Children
Gesche Margarete Schulze
  (Family Record)
Hinrich "Henry" Hellbusch
Johann Friedrich Hellbusch
Johann Eilert Hellbusch
Anna Margarethe Hellbusch
Wilhelm Gerhard Hellbusch
Friedrich August Hellbusch
Carl Diedrich Hellbusch
Georg "George" Friedrich Hellbusch
Bernhard Hermann Hellbusch
Maria Helena Hellbusch

Event Date Details
Birth 21 DEC 1829 Place: Haast
Death 27 JUN 1914 Place: Belgrade, Nebraska
Christening 3 JAN 1830 Place: Grk
Confirmation 1844 Place: Grk

Attribute Details
Religion LU
Heinrich and 4 generations
The photo of the 4 generations consists of:
Top right Henry son of Hienrich and father of John, August, Oscar, Walter and Harry
Top left: John son of Harry and father of Cecil
Bottom left Cecil son of John
Bottom right Great Granpa Heinrich, father of Henry, George, Charlie and Whilhelm

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