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Individual Record for: Hinrich "Henry" Hellbusch (male)

    Johann Hellbusch+
  Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record
Hinrich "Henry" Hellbusch      Family Record Catharina Maria Asche+
  Gesche Margarete Schulze       

Spouse Children
Gesine Catharine Engelbart
  (Family Record)
Johann "John" Hinrich Hellbusch
Friedrich Hinrich Hellbusch
Helene Margaretha Hellbusch
Fredrick W Hellbusch
Alfred W Hellbusch
Emma Johanna Hellbusch
Charles A Hellbusch
August Hellbusch
Oscar W, Hellbusch
Harry Gustave Hellbusch
Ella Marie Hellbusch
Walter Hellbusch
Infant Hellbusch

Event Date Details
Birth 6 NOV 1855 Place: Lehe
Death 18 FEB 1940 Place: Nebraska
Christening 2 DEC 1855 Place: Wie

Attribute Details
Occupation Koter
Religion LU
Don - Hand Written
Page: 7A1     Quality: Primary
Henry was the first to go to Nance County, Nebraska from Platte County, Nebraska

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