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Individual Record for: Johann Hermann Hellbusch (male)

    Gerhard Hinrich Hellbusch+
  Gerhard Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record
Johann Hermann Hellbusch      Family Record Anne Christine Osterloh+
Johann Erdwin Bock
  Anna Catharina Bock      Family Record
    Catharine Elisabeth Henke

Event Date Details
Birth 16 OCT 1834 Place: Ahlhorn
Death   Place: USA
Christening 26 OCT 1834 Place: Grk
Confirmation 1849 Place: Grk

Attribute Details
Religion LU
According to information from Guillermo Raul Hellbusch (18 MAR 1954) his records Hermann as born in 1835 and died in 1923. After his parents had passed away they emigrated to South America to the Reoublic of Uruguay in the year 1868 along with Gerhard Heinrich and Friedrich.

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