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Individual Record for: Hermann Hellbusch (male)

    Johann Hellbusch+
  Johann Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record
Hermann Hellbusch      Family Record Catharina Maria Asche+
Johann Hinrich Asche
  Catharine Margarete Asche      Family Record
    Anna Elisabeth Wichmann

Event Date Details
Birth 28 JAN 1861 Place: Haast
Death 28 JAN 1882 Place: Nebraska
Christening 10 FEB 1861 Place: Grk
Confirmation 1877 Place: Platte County, NE
Christ Lutheran

Attribute Details
Religion LU
From the Columbus Journal, dated March 15, 1882
(Saturday March 11, 1882) Hellbush--On Saturday morning, Herman Hellbush, of Stearns prairie was found dead on the prairie near Mathis's bridge, being first discovered by Fred Loseke. Mr. Hellbush had been to Columbus the evening before with a load of hogs and was returning home about dar, when, it is supposed, one of his horses, a vicious animal, got to kicking and entangled the lines in some way, and that in reaching out, Mr. Hellbush became so entangled in the lines that he could not extricate himself. His face showed themarks of a hoof where he had been kicked, and his clothes had on them gray hairs from the animal. The team had gone in a circle quite a distance, and blood and clothes were scattered all around. The accident occurred on Jn. Loseke's farm. Mr. Hellbush was about twenty years old, and the son of Henry Hellbush. The Coroner, A.Heintz, held an inquest Saturday, and the jurors, A. Mathis, Jno. Kumpf, C. Zeiter, Jhn. Loseke, G.l Henselleit and J. Boe, found a verdict in accordance with the above facts.

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