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Individual Record for: Heinrich Hellbusch (male)

    Johann Hellbusch+
  Johann Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record
Heinrich Hellbusch      Family Record Catharina Maria Asche+
Johann Hinrich Asche
  Catharine Margarete Asche      Family Record
    Anna Elisabeth Wichmann

Event Date Details
Birth 26 FEB 1858 Place: Haast
Death 19 OCT 1893 Place: Nebraska
Christening 14 MAR 1858 Place: Grk
Confirmation 1873 Place: Platte County, NE
Christ Lutheran

Attribute Details
Religion LU
Henry Hellbusch died in a wagon accident. He and his hired man had a load of grain when the wagon got to close to the edge of the road and upset. Henry was covered by the grain. The hired man, instead of trying to uncover Henry, ran to the closest farm for help. By the time help returned, it was to late.

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